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The top 3 reasons to play Skyrim Special Edition

  1. Skyrim is one of the most popular and moddable games of all time. Don't miss out on the ultimate RPG experience!
  2. Prepare to live another life in another world. Be whoever you want to be, and adventure wherever you choose to go.
  3. The Special Edition of Skyrim includes armor, weapons, spells, shouts and more from the base game and three official DLC releases. This version has also been remastered with HD visuals-- more info below!

What to know before buying Skyrim Special Edition

What's included with Skyrim Special Edition?

The Elder Scrolls V 5: Skyrim Special Edition includes:

  • Skyrim base game (HD remastered)
  • Dawnguard DLC
  • Hearthfire DLC
  • Dragonborn DLC

Is there any region lock for Skyrim Special Edition?

There is no region lock. This product is available worldwide.

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